Sunday, 12 April 2015

Stash Report - Apr 12

What a fabulous weekend!  I'm home from retreat, and really should be heading to bed now, but I missed my stash report today, and I have some usage I wanted to report (which offsets the incoming this week).

Before I left for retreat, I finished binding 1 quilt, made binding for another, and quilted 2 small wall hangings.
1 yard - binding for 2 quilts
2 yards - backing for 2 wall-hangings

And at retreat, I almost finished my guild mystery (but not quite - still have borders to go, so can't report that usage tonight.  Finished a 60-degree quilt - 7.5 yards.  And I finished a new quilt, but I bought the fabric for it at the retreat, so we'll just call that a wash and record 2 yards in and out today.

Stash in this week: 2 yards
Stash out this week: 12.5 yards

Stash totals for the year:
88 yards in
106 yards out
Total: 18 yards out

 Drop by Judy's blog for more reports this week.


  1. The wash was really you freshening your scraps. Stashes like rivers have to flow with current fabric/water to keep from stagnating. LOL

  2. You are a better woman than me ... I came home from my guild's retreat, dragged my stuff into the studio and left it to be unpacked and put away later ...