Thursday 15 October 2015

TBT - McKenna Ryan Cats

Sometime back in early 2009, before I started blogging, I bought a set of 3 McKenna Ryan wall hanging patterns.  This would be my first attempt at raw-edge applique, but I figured I could follow directions and should be able to figure it out on my own.  I'd done some machine applique already, so this didn't seem like too much of a stretch.

I have to admit, as I was putting it together, it felt more like building a collage in grade school than like quilting.  Trace the piece onto Steam-a-Seam, stick to fabric, cut it out and stick onto the background.  The process went fairly quickly, and the end result was then layered and basted.  I then decided I didn't want the raw edges to fray, so I attached the pieces with a zigzag, with invisible thread on the front, rather than the free motion stitching that the pattern used.

I didn't do any additional quilting in the background areas. Because these are wall hangings, they have held up pretty well in spite of that. Plus there are a whole lot of edges in a McKenna Ryan pattern, so there is quite a bit of stitching holding the whole thing together just in the outlines.

Once the quilting was finished, these sat around as UFOs for most of a year, waiting for me to embroider the faces on the kitties and get them hung. That finally happened in January of 2010, and I hung these in my upstairs hallway.  One kitty wall hanging for each of my 3 cats.

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  1. McKenna Ryan is too precise for me, though I love to look at the end result. Yours came out great, especially as an early project. I'm at Quilt Camp this week and didn't write up a post before I left home.

  2. These are definitely worth the effort. Works of art!

  3. These are definitely worth the effort. Works of art!

  4. Dear Krista, I have shown all of my older quilts with photos, so I will drop out of Throwback Thursday. I have really enjoyed the chance to show my quilts from a time when I was into art quilting. I am going in that direction again. Meanwhile, please check out Paula B Quilts because I am on RSC15 every Saturday. By the way, the cat with the birds is my favorite. Thanks so much. Paula Budinger