Monday, 3 October 2016

Design Wall Monday

My design wall is a mess today, as I've started assembling bits of my butterfly. The wall isn't big enough to hold the whole thing, so bits are overlapping at the top.  Hoping to get this done in the next day or two so I can take it in the shop before I start quilting it.

I also started a couple of new projects recently. A mystery quilt that I found on Facebook (here), which is going to release clues twice a month. I figure that should be an achievable goal.  32 4-patches completed for step 1.

And a disappearing Dresden that I started yesterday at a class.  Just one more plate to make and then it's time to quilt it. We all agreed to take our finished projects to the November guild meeting, so hopefully a deadline will help me keep plugging along.


  1. I was going to teach Disappearing Dresden at a fall retreat but the class didn't make. I used the foundation technique and the Dresdens were perfect.

  2. Love the colors of your Dresden. I have never heard of disappearing Dresdens. I guess I will have to google it.

  3. All of your projects look like fun. Love the colors in your Dresden Plates.