Saturday, 31 December 2016

150 Canadian Women Quilt

I signed up for a quilt project which is going to highlight 150 women from Canadian history.  Each block had the story of one woman from our history,  and 3 blocks come out each week.  I'm not doing very well at keeping up,  but I seem to be able to do 6 blocks every couple of weeks which should keep me on track in the long term.

And long term it is - there are 50 weeks of clues and we are on week 7 right now. There's still lots of time to sign up at  If you do,  you can get the first few weeks (and any others you might miss) on dvd at the end of the project,  for half price.

I am thinking about ways to maintain the link between the women's stories and the blocks,  for the final quilt.  Some of the participants have mentioned making a big label with all the names which sounds like a neat idea. For now I'm saving all the stories in a folder.

1 comment:

  1. Your blocks look great, Krista!...and you are not really behind - only the current week is missing! I am also doing this project, and share your quandry about keeping the names with the blocks.
    Maureen in AB