Monday, 8 May 2017

Design Wall Monday

My design wall is full of a new quilt top today. This is another mystery quilt, from a different guild. My fabric choices worked out much better this time. You can't really tell from this photo, but the red and black fabrics are from the same line, with little stars on them.  I'll add a 2" border around this, to bring it up to donation size and then get it quilted.

Continuing my disappointment with mysteries this year, I wish I had done this one scrappy. The instructions said you could do scrappy, or pick 3 fabrics, so I pulled yardage from my stash. But it became apparent pretty quickly that the quilt would have been much more interesting in a scrappy selection and the pattern was intended for that. The star centers were supposed to be made of 4-patches.  I re-cut my fabric to get solid squares, because that seemed kind of silly for a single fabric, to cut it up and then sew it back together in a 4-patch.

 I may try this pattern again - scrappy instead of red, but keeping a single accent fabric.

1 comment:

  1. It's an interesting design. 4Ps or 9Ps in the star centers would add interest. But I'm having trouble visualizing this as scrappy unless one stuck with three color families.