Monday, 26 November 2018

Good Fortune Clue #1

Bonnie Hunter's new mystery, Good Fortune, started on Friday. The first clue came out after weeks of anticipation. I resisted playing with it all day, because I was going out to my sew group that night to work on the clue with friends.

Finally time rolled around and we got to start! Lots of cutting, and lots of sewing later, and all of my blocks are done. Sewing with friends sure makes the time go fast, and it was so much fun seeing everyone's colours.

I used purple in place of Bonnie's red, and switched around the rest of her colours. You can see my choices here 

Now the wait begins for Clue 2 :)  Whatever will I do with myself until then?  I know, I know - finish up all those customer quilts waiting for attention.

Check out Bonnie's linkup for what everyone else has been up to for clue #1.


  1. These look lovely! You have such a great variety of purples!

  2. I like your purple color choice. Did you switch out any other colors?

    1. My colour choices are in this post

  3. Love your purple 4-patches, and your whole colour scheme!