Monday, 18 February 2013

Design Wall Monday - Feb 18

Monday again.  That just keeps on happening every week.  The good news is, today is a holiday here, so I get to stay home and quilt!  I fully expect my design wall to go through a few variations today, as  I work on some small projects. But this morning, here's what I have.

I started a new baby quilt yesterday, with some charm packs & candy I received with an on-line order a few weeks ago (for Visit Your Local Quilt Shop Day).  I considered several options, trying to find a pattern that worked well with 5" and 2.5" squares.  But in the end I decided on this modern look.  I have enough blocks to make a second one of these too.

Yesterday, my wall looked like this.  I cut this quilt out last year, and then ended up putting it aside in favour of some Christmas presents.  In fact, this was originally going to be my mother's quilt, but I decided I liked another pattern better.  However, if she likes this one I know what to send her for Mother's Day :)

Anyway, because this quilt was already cut out, I was able to completely assemble it yesterday during a virtual quilt-a-long.  So it was up & off the wall very quickly.

Drop by Judy's blog to see what everyone's up to today.


  1. your baby quilt is bright & fun - some little baby will be very lucky to recieve this quilt!