Sunday, 24 February 2013

Stash Report - Feb 24

Last stash report of February!  Time is flying, and spring is on the way.  I am so looking forward to the warmer weather this year.

I finsihed 4 quilt tops this week. 2 baby quilts, used 1 yard each.  And my green quilt used 4.5 yards.

I made a small (18x60") neutral quilt to put on my cold wall.  It will block the air that comes through right beside my computer. The toughest part of this quilt is going to be the fact that I have to cut a hole in it when it's done, to make a space for the electrical outlet that's on that wall.  I am anticipating some angst when I do that :)  One day I'll actually fix the insulation in this part of the wall, but for now, this will do.  This quilt used 1 yard.

Total out this week - 7 1/2 yards

Total stash usage this year:
51 yards out

Drop by Judy's blog for more stash reports today.


  1. Great numbers this week.

    Couldn't you just run a power strip from the outlet to plug your cords into? There would be a slight bump in your quilt, but your quilt wouldn't have a hole. You could mount the power strip on the wall next to the quilt or leave it be on the floor.

  2. Wow - you've been busy! That star block suggests you make a quiltlet that you can pin over the hole you cut out of that insulating quilt when that outlet need not be used. Cute baby quilts.

  3. Could you cover a cardboard box with flannel and hang that as another design wall. You could cut a square out of that without it breaking your heart and it would provide some extra insulation?

  4. I like Kate's suggestion or even better, get a piece of insulation and cover it with flannel for your design wall. That is actually what my design wall is - 2 pieces of 4' x 8' taped together and tacked up over the wallpaper on my studio. Makes a great design wall because you can either stick pin blocks up or just lay them on the flannel. Tomorrow you will see my ES blocks up on mine and they are not even pinned there. I would do anything to keep from cutting a hole in my quilt. Good luck. BTW you were sure busy this week.

  5. Wow, you've been busy this week! I know you didn't ask for opinions, but I'm with the others - perhaps a design wall or inspiration board could do the job for you, rather than cutting up what could be a beautiful quilt (I envision a beautiful applique of flowers over top of that gorgeous neutral background).