Friday, 4 March 2016

UFO Challenge - March

It's UFO link-up time over at Field Trips in Fibre. The stack is getting smaller, although it's hard to tell sometimes.  My UFO closet still has a lot in it, and I know there are a few missing which are in stacks in various locations around my house.

As of beginning of February, I had
10 in progress
7 planned but not started
30 to be quilted
3 to be bound

This month, I remembered a missing project, so added one to the in-progress list, and noticed a completed one that I forgot to remove from the "to be quilted" list.  A number of finishes this month and several quilts that moved up the progress chain leaves me with these stats now:

10 in progress
7 planned but not started
20 to be quilted
7 to be bound
7 completed this past month (year to date - 11 finishes)

That takes me down to 37 from 43 quilts in some stage of progress, so I am definitely calling that a good month. And the only new start for the month was a shop sample which is done, so skipped right over the whole UFO process :)

I don't know how many UFOs I'll get done this month, since Giraffe Abstractions needs to be my focus. But I'll probably need a break from that and send a couple through the longarm, anyway.  In the meantime, I'm paper piecing up a storm - look I have a tail!

And once again, the details for anyone interested (feel free to stop reading here :) )

In progress:

  1. Reflections of the North
  2. Scrappy pineapple
  3. Row by row 2015
  4. Edge of 17 shop hop quilt
  5. Kaffe stripes
  6. Patchwork Year 
  7. Gardener's Alphabet
  8. Merry Mayhem
  9. Giraffe Abstractions by Violet Craft 
  10. Houses & Stars
Planned (fabric bought and/or collected)
  1. recipe wall hanging
  2. drunkards path variation
  3. Christmas wreath
  4. Christmas reindeer
  5. two cityscapes/panels
  6. ombre flying geese (leftovers from Spectrum) 
  7. Jeans quilt
to be quilted
  1. Building Blocks - 2012
  2. Easy Street - Bonnie Hunter 2012 mystery
  3. Turquoise Trails - 2013
  4. Labyrinth - 2013
  5. Rainbow Explosion - 2014
  6. Brights baby quilt - April 2014
  7. Tell it to the Stars - Judy Laquidara 2014 mystery
  8. Flowers in my Windows - 2014 New Year's Eve mystery
  9. Block of the Week
  10. turquoise &; brown rectangles
  11. turquoise & brown diamonds 
  12. turquoise & brown baby quilt
  13. One Block Wonder #2
  14. Border Creek Station mystery (started Oct 2014)
  15. one-fabric quilt
  16. baby reflections 
  17. Mexican star
  18. Allietare - Bonnie Hunter 2015
  19. Glorious and Free
  20. giant scrappy swoon

to be bound
  1. Stonehenge 
  2. mystery
  3. 3 disappearing hour glass quilties
  4. disappearing 9-patch quilty
  5. Kaffe stripes quilty
Finished this month
  1. Yahoo group mystery
  2. Yahoo group #2
  3.  mystery
  4. Starburst - Done Feb 21
  5. Paris - Done Feb 24
  6. Double Plus quilt (store sample) - Done Feb 26 
  7. baby twister - Done Feb 29 

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  1. Holy Moly, that was a lovely productive month for you!