Sunday, 18 February 2018

Backing fabrics

I did some shopping the other day. It wasn't planned, but I was meeting a friend at a quilt shop before we headed out to dinner, and coincidentally, the shop was having a buy one, get one sale. And they were REALLY nice - it was essentially a 50% off sale, because there was no minimum, no full meter requirement.  So I picked up backing for 3 of my UFOs.

First, my Row by Row from 2015. The theme was water, and this blue ripple fabric seemed perfect.  So perfect that its seems I already bought it. I got home and found another large cut of the exact same fabric.  So there will likely be another blue backing in my future.

Then I picked up this gold leaf design for the back of Reflections of the North, which has been patiently waiting to be finished since at least 2014.  I think this fabric will be perfect. The quilt is batik and the backing is not, but that's never stopped me before :)

I also picked up (but didn't photograph) the backing for a quilt that is still in the assembly stages.  I may have lost my photo of that particular quilt when I reset my phone - which is a shame since I had the layout all planned.  Back to square one on that one I guess.

And one last backing purchased. Not on sale, unfortunately, but pretty none-the-less.  I love the Kaffe swirl fabric, and the colours seemed appropriate for this quilt. That decision is, however, subject to change by the time I get around to quilting this one.


  1. Sure...blame "the friend". I don't know who's the worse influence on whom! I'll go shopping with you anytime!!