Sunday, 25 February 2018

Finishing UFOs - or trying to

This swoon quilt was the January pick, on the APQ UFO challenge this year. I ignored it, as the Patchwork Times pick was big/hard enough.  But it's been gnawing at my brain, so I finally decided I should at least figure out a backing for it. I really didn't want to buy any fabric, since the top is entirely from scraps.

First I pulled out some gold/purple fabrics. But that would have cleaned me out of those colours, and the quilt is already pretty strong in those colours.  So I went back to the closet, realized I have a ton of green that I really need to use up, and decided that a 2-sided, completely different, reversible quilt would be the way to go.

Foolishly, I didn't pull the top out at the time. I just dug into my memory of the giant scrappy swoon, knew it was a square quilt and pretty big. So I decided the squares must have been 4" each, and the quilt finished at 96x96".  Perfect. I designed a back for it, using 4 large swoon blocks (40" each), and some sashing.  That went to my last retreat, and I was thrilled when I finished it while I was there.

Then, while telling my fellow quilters about the plan, I dug up the old blog post on this top. And discovered that it is 91x106". Completely not what I thought.  I forgot that I made it into a rectangle by adding borders. And that its original size was only 72" square.  So this new "back" is completely wrong for this particular quilt.

Back to the drawing board I guess (and now I have another UFO to add to the pile).

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