Tuesday, 27 February 2018

Attempt #2 to clear out a UFO

After the failure to match my new giant swoon backing to its intended top, I dug through my UFO pile looking for something else that was close to the right size. This top came up - it's been sitting waiting since Feb 2014, so it's about time I got it out of the closet.

It is 79" square, so will need a couple of borders to fill it out to the 95" backing I have for it.  I have no more of the original fabrics, but there is a nice blue, yellow and a purple in my stash that might work. The binding (which I actually cut in advance) can be a border, and I'll finish it off with black (and bind with that, too).

There are the two options - I think I'll probably go ahead with the blue and yellow, as it seems a bit brighter.

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