Thursday, 15 February 2018

Re-constructed Kaffe

My Kaffe quilt is finally complete. This top started as a block draw that I won. At retreat, we each made two 9" 1/2 square triangle blocks, to contribute to the block draw (fabric provided and very nicely coordinated by the organizer). Winner got to take home the blocks - and I was the lucky recipient.  But I thought the 1/2 square triangle quilt, while pretty in all the Kaffe fabrics, was a bit simple for my tastes.  So, I changed it up.

I took each of my large HSTs, and cut them into 4 smaller squares - giving me two small (4.5") 1/2 square triangles, one white square, and one coloured square.  I turned the two squares into two 4-patches, and reassembled the bits into blocks.

I placed the design off-center, and added a Kaffe Fassett border to it.  The backing is purchased and ready to be assembled. It will have a red stripe, because I bought the last of the bolt of a fabric that was perfect for this quilt - and it was perfect in all but quantity. A simple 5" stripe will fix that problem easily.