Monday, 5 March 2018


It's not the UFO I was aiming for originally, but every UFO finish is a good finish.  I finally succeeded in matching up my new backing with an old UFO. It is now quilted, bound, and ready for use.

The front of this quilt is a UFO I've had sitting around since Feb 2014, so it was a full 4 years in the making.  After my last post, I finished adding strips to 2 sides of the quilt to make it square, and adding 2 borders to it.  A quick test drive and it looks like a perfect fit. The yellow border should align closely with the outer sashing of the green quilt.

One reason this quilt top has been a UFO for so long was trying to figure out how to quilt it. I had visions of custom quilting, but could never settle on a design I liked. The advantage of making it 2-sided - custom quilting is now out of the picture, because that would never look right on both sides.

I picked a nice pantograph (spiral bubbles) and quilted it up over a couple of days (it's a BIG quilt, and that pantograph is denser than I realized).  All done now, complete with 2-sided binding.

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