Friday, 30 March 2018

Guild Mystery Reveal

One of my guilds was doing a mystery this year, and I decided to play along. The mystery called for 5 colours, with very little guidance about the various relationships. One looked light a background fabric, based on colour sample given. So I picked a white fabric with coloured dots from my stash.  Then I pulled 4 more colours which matched the dots, thinking I would end up with a scrappy, colourful quilt.

Well, clue 1 came along, I started to regret my decision.  This block was not exactly what I was hoping for. 

But I persevered and played along for a few more months. There were some better successes in my choices, which actually used my background fabric in some pretty combinations.

Then the reveal came out.  That horrible bright yellow from clue 1 is actually a secondary background colour.  Um, No!  So, I considered tossing the whole thing, but I hate to give up. And the quilt was really pretty, when done with decent colours.

Instead, I figured I had enough fabric to replace the yellow with my original background colour.

I re-made clue 1, and a few other bits that used the yellow fabric, and here is my finished top.

Not wanting to waste the other blocks, I decided to turn them into a quiltie for the guild. Some baby girl will be bright and cheerful in this quilt.

And the other bits I replaced will keep a boy warm.


  1. Love it! Is the pattern available?

    1. It's a Meadow Mist mystery, available here