Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Fabric Choices

I've decided to participate in Judy L's latest Quilt for an Hour project.  Judy always makes such beautiful quilts, and she is kind enough to share them with her readers.   In this case, I hope to make a smaller version of Judy's quilt, since I don't have enough stash for the full size.

Choosing fabrics is always the hardest part of quilting for me (closely followed by choosing a quilting design to finish the top).  So I thought I would post my potential fabric choices here. And if I still like them in a few days, I'm all set.  If I hate them (or I get a lot of "what the heck are you thinking" comments) then I'll try again :)

So, here they are.  Roughly laid out in the positions they'll have in the finished product.  At this point, I'm thinking the pink & orange are a bit too close in tone, so I'll probably look for an alternative for one or the other of them.

So, anyone care to venture an opinion?  Be kind (please) but be honest.  It's a whole lot easier to change my colour scheme now than it will be later :)   I think the colours are a bit washed out here - the green is fairly vibrant in person.


  1. Just my two cents - do you know if the pattern calls for a specific number of different tones? Right now, and based on the picture, I'm seeing two lights (green and blue) and four mid tones but no real darks. Even though the pink is dark, it's not really coming off the page as tonally dark (if that makes any sense). I'm starting to think it's the gold that's throwing me off. If you put a real dark colour there, it might help with the depth you'll look for.

    I'm sure whatever you end up with will work out great. Keep us posted :-)

  2. It doesn't really say, but it wants a background, a dark (the two on the right), a "main" (my green) and 5 others. But thanks for identifying the green and blue as lights. I'm going to swap the blue out for something a bit more "mid-tone" and see what that does.

  3. I'm not a big fan of the gold one, possibly one with more yellow to it, less brown. Just my opinion, it's always easier from here then in person :). Just keep switching out possibles, eventually it does come together. Don't forget to try some that away from the others doesn't look like it would match. You'd be surprised how often they look great next to the others. Always a pleasant surprise.