Sunday, 4 October 2009

Stash Report - Oct 4

It was a sad week on the stash busting front this week.  My local quilt shop had a shop hop going, with one on the other side of town (East meets West).  Dropped in on Friday for something completely unrelated (embroidery floss to finish a couple of quilts that have been waiting patiently).  I was also planning to pick up EQ6, but somehow I managed to forget to do that.   But I did find 2 bundles of backing fabric, almost 2 yards each, on sale for 30% off.  Had to have that - especially since I have a few quilts I've promised myself I would finish, but didn't have backing for.

Then of course I had to visit the other shop, once I realized that this was shop hop weekend.  Not like I ever win anything in those draws, but still...  And I did need to pick up some Christmas fat quarters for a swap that's due next week.  So I headed across town yesterday. Oddly, there was almost no Christmas fabric in the store, and no fat quarters pre-cut at all.  So I wandered down to the "bargain basement" and found 4 great Christmas afabrics.  Minimum cut of 1 metre, but on sale 60% off.  Pretty good deal, but it meant a lot more fabric came home than I planned on :)

In this week
8.5 yards

Total for this year:
Used YTD: 31 yards
Added YTD: 30.25 yards
Net: 0.75 yards out this year

Oh, but I can't forget - 100g yarn used for my pretty little socks.  Next pair is already in progress.

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  1. Looks like you showed amazing restraint as it could have been a lot worse!