Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Accountability challenge

My goals for last week were: aim to finish quilting the current baby quilt, and add the borders to Grant's quilt.  I managed to achieve both of them, but not much else.  But that's OK.   Baby steps :)  It's another busy week here, so I might not get much quilting done.  But I have some thoughts for those celtic squares so maybe I'll manage to make a start there.

Here's the UFO list:
- a Hawaiian wall-quilt that's been on my frame since 2005 (Just needs binding now)
- a picture quilt from my 2005 trip to Mexico
- a set of 3 wall quilts (need final embroidery and to be hung) (started in 2008)
- a stained glass dragon (started in 2009)
- tumbling blocks (started in 2009)
- reversible quilt (started in 2009)
- kaleidoscope quilt (started in 2009)
- bargello quilt (Sept 2009)
- Star mystery quilt (needs quilting binding) (Sept 2009)
- Morning Splash (needs quilting binding) (Nov 2009)
- yellow celtic square (needs quilting)
- red celtic square
- blue celtic square
- Grant's quilt (Jan 2010)

Check out Bari's Accountability Report to see some quilters who made a lot more progress than me :)


  1. Way to go, Krista! I am with you on the baby steps...LOL. You are getting there, though, look how much you have done already!

    Can't wait to see Grant's quilt with all the borders on. You also have me curious about ideas for the celtic quilts.....hmmmm.