Thursday, 25 October 2012

Mysteries Revealed

It's almost the end of the month, and 2 mystery quilts are coming to an end.  First, we have the Monday Mystery from Little Bits of This and That.  It's not quite done - there are border strips sitting around still.  But I think I'm going to stop here, because it's almost the perfect size for a quiltie donation.  26" rather than 24", but I think that's OK (I guess I'd better check that out next time I go to guild).

It's certainly bright.  If I'd known what it was going to be, I would have picked lighter "darks".  The joys of a mystery, I guess.  I'm going to quilt animals in each of the solid blocks, and I'll have to figure out the rest.

And then, the Blogger's Block of the Month.  The final month came out today, and it's setting time.  This is what it is supposed to be - with sashing, corner stones, and a piano key border.  But the final quilt is about 50" square, which is an odd size (for me).  So I'm thinking about splitting the blocks up and making 3 donation quilts out of them.

That will give me these 3 layouts.  The on-point one is a tad large - maybe I'll skip borders on it to keep it close to the 24" size.   I've cut the setting triangles and sashing from the dark backgroun - I hope someone likes dark for a baby quilt.

The final 2 will get frames around each block, then sashing and borders to stretch them to 24".  Unless I come up with something more creative while working on the other quilts.  But for now, it's time to head out for a couple of hours, because it's dancing night!


  1. I love the black background for your sampler blocks. It really makes those brights shine.

  2. Krista, I favor black too to make colors shine. THanks for sharing under our sampler theme this week!!

  3. I love your use of the darker setting fabrics on both of these: the touch of the dark blue with the first blocks and the black background fabric on the second set. It's won't be a "mystery" that these will be enjoyed by the donation recipients!