Sunday, 9 December 2012

Stash Report - Dec 9

10 1/2 yards used this week.  That's a quilt + backing, and 1.5 yards for the Easy Street Mystery.

Total usage for this year: 212 1/4 yards

The quilt is shown almost done here.  Apparently I didn't take a picture after I put the borders on it, and now it's loaded on the long arm.  So a final picture will have to wait.

Here are this week's bits from Bonnie Hunter's Easy Street Mystery.  28 shaded 4-patches, in keeping with my "make about half the units" policy.  Unfortunately, I cut twice as many of the blue triangles as I needed.  What are chances we'll need more of those?

This year I've been trying to track usage as I cut it.  And I am *really* glad I'm not counting fabric in these days, because there's been much enhancement the last few weeks.  But I need to figure out how I'm going to track usage/enhancement next year.  Recording it as it is cut is certainly the most accurate option. But what about those quilts that get cut out then put on a shelf?  (fortunately I only have 1 of those right now).  Since most of my quilts end up in EQ6, I could use the fabric yardage from that, and count once the quilt is assembled. But I suspect the EQ over-estimates usage, and I know for some of my quilts it's completely wrong.

Well, I guess I still have 3 weeks to make a decision.

Drop by Judy's blog to see what everyone else has been up to.

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  1. 10+ yards used this week is great. I am also debating how I want to keep track of my ins and outs next year. I don't count my fabric out until the quilt is 100% finished, just easier for me that way. I like that you aren't counting your fabric as it comes in. I worry if I did that then I would buy a lot more than I already do and I already have a lot just waiting to be used.