Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Another Finish

I finished binding 2 more of my little quilts yesterday. First, the second charm-pack quilt - same as the first except that the backing and binding are different colours.

And, I finished the quilt for my "cold wall" - just in time for spring :)  There was a lot of angst among my readers when I mentioned that I would be cutting a hole in this quilt, in order to allow access to the plugs. Lots of suggestions were made, but given where this is - in the narrow strip under a window in the family room - turning it into a design wall wasn't an option.  I have had a quilt pinned up here for about a year - ever since I messed up the insulation when I ran some wires for my TV.  So, I just wanted to replace that with something nicer - that fit, and that wouldn't stick out from the wall because of all the wires behind it.  The floor vent is right there, and when the quilt pulls forward, all the heat goes up behind it, kind of defeating the purpose.

So, I made my quilt, gathered my courage, and sliced a little rectangle in it last night.  My binding efforts need work - I have now  looked up how to bind an inside corner and may unstitch that whole mess before long.  But for now, my neutral quilt (sort of) blends into the wall, and I can access the plugs.

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  1. I love the quilt on top, so dear and playful, but I really love your practical application of a quilt as insulation! Brava!

  2. I'm thinking you can add a tiny loop of fabric to that wee flap, and put a button on the main part of the quilt, so when you remove it from the wall you can...shut the door! ;-)

    Alternatively, if you ever remove it permanently, you can cut off the entire flap, face the edges and insert a special print/photo transfer/whatever in the framed space. Meanwhile, you have an attractive wall piece and a warmer house! What's not to like? :-)

  3. Great idea to cut that flap. Textiles were used to keep walls and floors warm since times immemorial ....