Monday, 19 August 2013

The best laid plans

My design wall is empty this week.  I am determined to get some quilting done, before I pull out another project.  I finished quilting my labyrinth yesterday morning.  But I messed up (as usual) on the binding - I had bought enough fabric for it, and then I went and used that fabric for the backing :(  I really do need to cut my binding and set it aside before I start the quilt. 

Anyway, now I'm stuck - I could buy more, but I'd rather not, so I came up with a possible plan.  But I wanted to try it out first.  So, I figured I'd load up a quick project, quilt it, and then bind it to see if my plan would work.  4 hours later (quick, yah right), I finished quilting the placemats I took downstairs. 

I started with a single pass on these, but decided that they needed to be more heavily quilted.  So, I shifted the template and went back over them with another thread colour.

I tried out my binding plan on these, and decided I don't like it.  It worked OK, but the edging is machine stitched, and this just reaffirmed that I don't like that look. I'll have to come up with a different plan for the labyrinth.

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  1. Sorry about the binding, it's easy to do that in the heat of the moment. Hope you find something else that works for you.

  2. I hate when that happens. Hope you are able to find a suitable substitute!

  3. This is the way I quilt table runners and placemats. I love having them all on the machine at the same time as then they all look like I knew what I was doing: all quilted the same. Sorry about the binding but a great way to figure that out.

  4. I never think to do placemats but this works out well. I may start looking for some. Hopefully plan 2 will pop in your mind and you'll be able to get the binding on labyrinth.

  5. Your placemats look real good and from here the binding looks good too. On your Labyrinth binding, have you ever done a reversible one? It uses less fabric for the front of binding. I cut the front color 1 inch wide and the back color 1.5 inches wide. This has saved me many times when I ran out of a matching fabric that I wanted to bind a quilt with. If you want more directions on how to do this, send me an email.

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