Monday, 28 October 2013

Design Wall Monday

It's design wall Monday time!  My design wall doesn't look quite how I expected it to, today.  But it looks different than it did, which means there's been lots going on this week.

This is what happens when you don't actually read all of the instructions on your latest quilt project.  If you assume the author has made (yet another) mistake in the directions and merrily go ahead and sew all 11 blocks you've decided you need, you then discover that 1) not only was she right and 13 blocks are actually required, but 2) the reason the instructions said to sew 7 is because the next instruction on the following page says to sew 6 mirror image blocks.

So now you have 11 blocks all tilting the same way, and not enough fabric to cut 6 more to repair the error (because the earlier instructions incorrectly had you cut twice as many of another piece as you actually needed).

But, there is no such thing as a mistake in quilting.  There are only design opportunities.  So, I took the opportunity to redesign the back of this quilt, and rather than a zigzag pattern across the back, this is what my (unique) quilt will look like. And now the back is done and Harmony is ready for quilting.

Rather than tackle that quilting project right away, I took a break from quilting to put together a Hallowe'en costume.  I never used to dress up for Hallowe'en, but my dance studio has a party every year, and I love to go. So, a costume is required. This year - Little Red Riding Hood. I dug out some red fabric (not quilting fabric!  That would be sacrilege.) and put together a quick cape, after scanning the internet for some hints.  Cape made, skirt and top dug out of my closet, and an Easter basket re-purposed.  Now I can get back to quilting!


  1. Great use of an error. Quilters continue to amaze me as they are so adaptable.

  2. No one would guess that it's a mistake--looks like you planned it that way!

  3. I call them design opportunities! I sometimes like the variation better than the intended version. I don't know what yours was supposed to look like, I just know I love what you have.

  4. Good for you Krista, it looks great, and as we all have learned read the instructions through before starting. Ask me how I know.
    Have a great day.