Monday, 17 March 2014

Design Wall Monday - March 17

I wanted to get my two granny square quilts done, in the hopes that they might get quilted before the next modern quilt guild meeting. Since the blocks came from one of  the members, I want to be able to show her the finished products.

Once those were done, I worked on a couple of block projects. First, my block of the week for this week.  I'm really liking this project - the neat little packages that I get each week are (so far) easy to put together, and nicely cut almost to size.  And I'm loving the colours in my blocks.

Then, I made a couple of trial blocks for a new quilt I'm considering. This is the one that initiated my splurge at the fabric shop on Saturday. The colours here are too close together in value, but this was just a sample set.  Good thing too - I cut one of the blocks mirrored, which was not the plan.  I'll have to be more careful with the final product.
I can get 4 blocks from every 3 fat quarters, and I think I ended up with 18 or 20 fat quarters in the fabric I bought.  So that will be about 24 8" blocks - 32"x48" is a bit smaller than I was hoping for, but such is life.  I can always buy more, or readjust my expectations.


  1. I really like the blocks you are working on for the new quilt. That will be stunning. The granny square quilts turned out so nice!

  2. Wow. That is some miracle work with those granny squares! They look great.

  3. Love the granny squares quilts, especially the one without the sashing. Love you can get completely different looks with such small changes.

  4. Your granny square quilts are so colorful and happy! Love your new blocks, too. Nice!