Sunday, 30 March 2014

Stash Report - March 30

I did manage to use some fabric this week.  Binding for 6 quilts actually makes a somewhat noticeable number.  2 3./4 yards used for binding.  And I even finished the binding on 2 of those quilts this week.  Once I find my camera, I'll post those finishes.

Of course, when you couple that with some online shopping, where an irresistible new line of fabric was spotted, the 24 yards that came in kind of negates any progress that might have been claimed this week.  I was being good - I dropped into my cart just the 10 yards needed for the quilt I want to make with it.  But when it arrived I realized I had missed one fabric.  Well,  I couldn't possibly buy just 1 yard of fabric online, because then shipping makes that a really expensive yard.  So, I added enough other fabric to get free shipping.  I'm sure someone will be happy to point out the flaw in that reasoning, but my stash is happy and I have all the fabric that I wanted for the quilt. :)

Totals for the year:
 290 1/4 yards in
 49 1/4 yards out
Total: 241  yards in


  1. Your reasoning sounds totally understandable to me!!

  2. Hey you hit your 200 net goal! It just wasn't out! You'll have to show your stash storage some time.

  3. Can't pass up free shipping! Nice to have on hand the perfect fabrics to make a quilt. Enjoy using it.