Thursday, 10 July 2014

New Quilting Design

A while back I was looking for a modern design for my quilting, and trying to decide if I could find, or create, a pantograph that would work for me.  Trouble was, the design I had in my head was full of straight lines - and with a pantograph followed with a laser light, I knew I would never get the crisp lines and corners I was looking for.

I happened to mention my search to the wonderful people at Loricles Quilting.  I previously bought some templates from them which I love - particularly my swirls pattern.

Michael and I chatted a bit, and after exchanging a few diagrams back and forth, we came up with a new modern quilting design that I love.  It's different - better - than what I originally had in mind.  Michael did a great job taking my vision and turning it into something wonderful.  I now have a new modern template - in 2 sizes - to add to my collection.

I did this quilt using that template, and am looking forward to a few more already in the pipeline.


  1. A longarmer in my guild likes these modern pantos -

  2. I love the new pantograph. Was hoping you had one. Already have a (some) quilt top(s) in mind for it. Better get the backing done asap. Love the swirls too, but you've already done one in the swirls for me :)