Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Half a butterfly

Here it is. I was going to say attempt one, but in reality I think this is number 4 or 5, after rearranging the blocks several times.  It's pretty amazing how much that wing changed after I added the 66 1/2 square triangles to the edges. It softened the whole thing, which I guess makes sense.

Thoughts on colour placement?  I think I'm pretty happy with it overall, but the oranges are so bright should they be either more grouped, or more spread out?  The top right is pretty much a done deal - there are no alternate colourways for the wheel and the log cabin blocks.

Here's a picture from before the triangles were added, with the circles in the lower quadrant moved around.  Maybe I should swap the dark cross at the top with the lighter one near the bottom.

1 comment:

  1. Beautiful! The change with the HSTs added is surprising but such a great detail. I quite like the orange at the top of the wing.