Wednesday, 2 August 2017

Anita's Arrowheads

Earlier this year, I needed a block to make for a block party. 12 of us get together, and each month one person picks a quilt block, provides fabric to the rest and teaches them how to make it.  I picked Anita's Arrowhead for my block, because the piecing on this technique is pretty cool. My only problem was that while I love the block, I was not thrilled with any of the quilts I saw made with it.  But after some pondering, I came up with the idea to do a colourwash, similar to a blooming 9-patch pattern, using these blocks. 

I plotted it out in EQ6, found fabric in my stash, and got set to cut. But I was a bit short of a couple (of my favourite) fabrics. So, I reworked the plan and come up with an off-center design instead, which only needed as much fabric as I had on hand.  The finished quilt needed more than the 12 blocks I got from block party, so the picture above is in the process of being finished, as I make another 23 blocks.

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  1. This is a great block to use for a group sew because it can be squared up to whatever the smallest block is (not everyone has the same quarter inch). We've always done it with just 2 colors and it's always a pretty quilt.