Tuesday, 8 August 2017

Flight Path

And here it is!  This project didn't take too long.  Each of the airplanes is composed of 7 pieces of fabric, to create large blocks (12x15" I think?).  I quilted this on my new longarm. I figured it would take me about 30 minutes to do a quick wave across the quilt.  But I failed to consider the learning curve I'm still experiencing. 

I setup my pantograph, and had to fight with the computer for a while to get the rows to all flow how I wanted them.  Then, after I finished quilting the first row I noticed an issue with the second, so I had to reprogram it.  Which made it very difficult to line up with the first set of waves.  But, after much effort, I figured it out, got the quilt done, and I know how to quilt this pattern for next time.

The quilt was bound in the background fabric. But I delivered it to the shop before I remembered to take a finished picture.

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