Monday, April 9, 2018

Giant Scrappy Swoon

It's DONE!

This quilt started as a quilt-along on the Quilting Board. A giant scrappy swoon block, made from 3" squares of fabric.  I dug into my purple and gold fabrics, and managed to get the center block completed.  Then I realized that a 76x76" top wasn't all that useful to me, so I added some borders to turn it into a rectangle that would fit my bed.

This was started in March 2015, and I finished the top in February 2016.

The backing was a saga in itself.  First attempt was the completely wrong size, because I forgot I'd added the borders to the quilt and didn't bother to check before making the backing.  Second attempt went much better, and resulted in the backing seen here. The purple/black stripes are arranged in a fibonacci sequence.  The gold stripes at the top are made from all of my gold scraps - sewn together randomly to make a strip of fabric long & wide enough for this border.

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