Wednesday, 11 April 2018

One-block Wonder

This is  a mini one block wonder I've been working on. I had a lovely fabric, with a very small repeat.  So I thought I'd turn it into a one block wonder, but in miniature since hte repeat was so small.

Turns out I made a slight miscalculation - the pattern repeated across, as well as done, so I ended up with some duplicate blocks in the end. But I went with it anyway. Then I took the opportunity to try out the 3-D cube effect in the result. The first picture is how I designed it - but I realized when I got home that all of my cubes were upside down/inside out.  So I turned it over.  Now the lighting is right for the cubes, but my lights are in the lower right  I suspect that will be the final layout/orientation anyway - because I am not unsewing any of this.


  1. Actually, only the second cube is misoriented in the upper picture if you were making cube-in-a-corner cubes (rather than what I might call interior-wall cubes in the lower) and even that one is not noticeable without thinking through the light source.

  2. I wouldn't have know that they were upside down or wrong. I just think it looks pretty cool.