Wednesday, 6 February 2019

Butterfly Done!

The butterfly one-block wonder is now complete and bound!  I hunted for binding for this quilt - the grey is a little bit on the green side, and the black in the border is not a true black, so it was challenging to find a matching fabric.  A friend actually pulled out this batik for me, and it works great.

This makes my sixth finish for January, which puts me well ahead of schedule. Hopefully I can keep this up, and avoid starting new projects.

I added cubes to this quilt, which nicely filled out the number of hexagons I had to make the rows all even.  I quilted it with a pantograph called "optical illusion", which I sized and rotated to fit into the cubes, to help enhance the 3-D look.  Borders were quilted with Quilt Path, so the straight lines are nice and straight, and evenly spaced.  Getting them to the precise 45 degree angle was a challenge, but by the time I finished the fourth I had it all figured out :)

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