Monday, 17 August 2009

Design Wall Monday - Aug 17

Here's what's on my design wall today. On the left is a tumbling block quilt. I initially thought I'd do it on a dark background, but having auditioned some of the blocks against it, that obviously doesn't work. It will probably end up on white instead.

The lower right is going to be a reversible "quilt as you go" baby quilt. I'm using the squares to test out some quilting patterns before tackling them in large scale. Seems to be working - I definitely figured out what NOT to do on my Lone Star quilt.

Upper right is a mystery quilt I just started on Saturday. Didn't last too long with "not starting any new projects" did I? I stumbled across the mystery accidentally on Saturday, and when I discovered it was happening that day - and that I had enough fabric in my stash to do it - I couldn't resist. Not sure what's going to done with those 2 blocks - I'm a bit behind, only on clue #3, but I'm resisiting peeking at the end. And I'm not sure where this quilt is going in the end. I originally thought my son might like it (we just painted his room green), but now that I've cut some blocks, I see that the fabric has too much pink in it for him.

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  1. I love the tumbling blocks - even on the dark background, they look as if they are tumbling right out into space !