Monday, 24 August 2009

Design Wall Monday - Aug 24

My design wall is completely empty today, because I had to clear it out of the sewing room before my nephew arrived. However, I did take a picture of my current quilt, before I took it down. So this is what part of my design wall held last Friday. The tumbling blocks and reversible quilt are still there, too.

I'm almost done the star quilt - this is half of the quilt on the design wall. The basic quilt block is a 24" section with 5 stars. I decided I didn't want a square quilt, and wanted something slightly larger (but not as large as a twin necessarily - besides, I don't have enough fabric for that). So I designed a sashing strip one star wide to go between the blocks. I'll have to re-work that a bit I think, to make 3 stars across rather than 2. Otherwise I'm going to have an odd empty space in the center of the quilt.

Check out what other quilter's have on their design wall this week. over at Judy's blog.

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  1. What's wrong with an odd empty space in the center of the quilt??? :-) It's just another design element!! Kidding!! I really like the way the blk look in the picture. That is going to be very nice when it's done. have fun with it!!