Sunday, 23 August 2009

Ready for visitors

I did it! My sewing room is all cleaned up, in plenty of time for my nephew's arrival today. Works in progress all bagged, folded, and put away. I'd say neatly, but that's a bit of a lie. My nephew will be under instructions to keep the closet door *closed*. Wouldn't want something to fall on him :)

All the leftover bits & scraps of fabric are stored (stuffed) into the appropriate bin. Found the binding strips for a couple of quilts. That's good news - I would have hunted all over for those when I got to those particular projects if I hadn't cleaned first.

I even packed up my sewing machine and took it into the shop for a little TLC. I don't think the poor thing has been serviced since before I moved 3.5 years ago. Since I can't get at it's table for the next week, it seemed like a perfect opportunity to treat it to a tune-up.

And the best news - I dug out my old sewing machine, and set it up on a table in my bedroom. Now I can still sew for the next week (assuming I can steal a few minutes from the kids) and I don't have to go into withdrawl. It runs like a dream - I wonder why I every replaced it?

First thing I did was finish the sewing machine cover I started on for it, 4 years ago. That was another surprise find, bundled up beside the machine. It's bit wrinkled and dusty, so I'll throw it in the wash today. But now I've finished another UFO - and one that I'd complete forgotten about :)


  1. the reason you 'replaced it' was so that you could have two machines -espcially when one goes in for a vacation!!! And I am glad you have made yourself a little spot to 'reatreat' to!!! And that is a cure cover you've made!! You are doing great on the PhD progects [Project half Done!! Doesn't that sound better than UFO?? "I can't come, I'm working on my PhD today!!!" ;-)]

  2. Oh, I like PhD. I'll have to remember that :)