Sunday, 16 August 2009

UFO Update

One UFO is now officially off the list. I finished the binding on my cat quilt. This was a challenge quilt from my local quilt shop in 2007. Given very general instructions each month, the variety in the end products was amazing. Instructions like "applique something", or "make some flying geese". The individual steps were generally simple to do. The challenge came in taking all the bits, and figuring out how to use them all in the finished product.

I had purchased the cat fabric earlier, simply because I loved the piles of kittens. That of course meant that my applique was going to be cat related.

The quilting is a variety of different styles. I was trying my hand at a few different patterns from "Quilt as Desired". Most came out ok, but there are a couple in there that I shall never do again.

As you can see, it did not take long for the quilt to be claimed by its rightful owner.


  1. Really cool quilt! Very unique...congratulations on another UFO finish!

  2. It's cute! I can tell the "rightful owner" loves it! And I like the idea of the challenge and how it was presented ... great idea . . .