Sunday, 30 August 2009

Design Wall Monday - Aug 31

I have my design wall back this week. Didn't waste any time filling it up, either. My tumbling block is on the wall - and I'm debating whether it is already big enough, and I don't really have to make 160 blocks for it.

I picked up a dark background fabric, which I like the look of much better than the white background. If I keep the really dark squares from being adjacent to the black, I think it will work out.

Still playing with the exact placement of the falling blocks. And debating whether I can piece the lower right side, or if I have to resort to applique.

This will stew for a few more days - I have to finish the quilt sandwich I'm currently working on, so that I can put my room back into the right orientation for piecing. That should give me time to settle on the layout.

See what's on everyone else's design wall over at Judy's.


  1. I LOVE THEM!!!!!!!! Especially the way they are in the pic, if you could sew them that way, it would be so much fun!!!
    You have done a great job on them - and NO!! I can not start a tumbling blk project - no, no , I can't!!! But I love the look of yours and I have had the pattern for so long..... Ahhhhh, why did I have to come see this - it's fantastic!!!! Great post!! Thanks for the smiles this moring!!

  2. I'm going to be interested in seeing how this one turns out.
    It looks so cool. Make sure and post how the piecing/applique choice is resolved. Inquiring minds will want to know!