Friday, 16 March 2012

Friday Night Progress

Lots got accomplished at my Friday night sew in.  I finished the next block from Dancing with the Stars.  Now I'm all set for April. 

I finished the top for my March colour challenge.  Unfortunately , I'm not really happy with the colour of the pieced border.  I didn't have enough of the dark red, so I used the medium.  It's come out much brighter than I expected.  I'll finish the top, but I'm a bit disappointed with it.  And I don't have enough of the red for binding, either.  Maybe I'll drop by the shop tomorrow and see if they have any more. But I suspect this was from the skinny bolt sale, so I'm likely out of luck there.

Also, I got started on the quilting for my indigo quilt.  The blue parts of the center star are now done.  Maybe I'll get a bit more done tomorrow. I think I'm going to like the end result of the quilting I chose for this, but I'm not really enjoying the process.  Straight line quilting on an eight pointed star means way too much spinning of the quilt under the machine.

All-in-all some reasonable progress for my first sew-in.  I wish I was happier with the results, but at least there are results and now I can move onto something new in the quilt department.  I have my next quilt designed and ready to cut into.  Although I need to double check my fabric requirements, so that I don't end up in another mess like the red quilt above.

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  1. I don't think it is a mess at all. It is lovely, and a great presentation of the March colour palette.It would look lovely bound with the fabric you have used in the narrow borders, or with a black.