Wednesday, 7 March 2012

To sash, or not to sash

My March UFO is trucking along nicely.  I'm auditioning sashing options now, trying to decide if the quilt needs something or not. And if so, what. 

First, the no sashing option.  Not bad, although I'm not sure what I'll do with borders, since I'm out of the orange.

A few options here - a mutlicolour, which I think is too busy, and too yellow.  Darker orange, as someone suggested in a comment yesterday.  And what is actually a dark purple, although it appears black in the photo.

And one final option. This fabric is already tagged for backing for another quilt, but if there's enough length I could use it here.

I guess I'll sleep on it and see what it looks like in the morning.


  1. I like it with the purplish fabric!! The orange is TOO orange, and the greenish one, just doesn't belong, but the blue one works! I has orange in it + other colors so it seems to pull it all together. I hope you do have enough!!

    I like these blks - they look good together. It will be nice to have it done and gone from the UFO pile!

  2. Do you have turquoise or red?

  3. I think either the purple, or the blue in the last photo. If I had to choose one, It would be the blue. I like the way it looks like it has oranges in it. What about the darker orange as cornerstones?