Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Retreat results

I feel like a student writing a "what I did on my summer vacation" report :)

Here are the tops I came home from retreat with.  Pretty good progress for 3 days, I think. Now to finish them up and get back to the 2 quilts on my design wall, before another new project jumps out at me.

This top was from the Saturday night challenge. It is disappearing hourglass blocks. The challenge was starting with 15" blocks, but I just have to be different :)  I decided to cut my fat quarters into 4 10" blocks and work with those.  12 blocks made a lovely quilt, and the remaining background fabric was enough for the border. This will get donated to Victoria's quilts, I think.

But first - let's play spot the mistake :(  I'll have to fix that pink block before I quilt this one.  But it does look interesting, so maybe my next disappearing hourglass will be a bit different.

This top is just a fun 60-degree project. I started it a while back, to do a demo, and wanted to finish it in order to use up all the fabric I had. I mostly managed to do that. The dark yellow and grey are pretty much gone, except for a few scraps.  There's enough of one of the yellows for binding, fortunately. And I found some flannel in my stash which I think will do for backing.

And last but not least, the mystery for one of my guilds.  All the blocks are now finished. I just need to add borders, but I didn't have enough of any fabric at retreat for the final border, so I'll have to find something out of my stash now that I'm home.

I'm leaning towards this combination. The purple is from the same line as the purple in the quilt, so I think it ties in nicely. And I have enough of it, which is equally important. I like the way the bright blue reflects the inner blue round.  That suggestion was given to me at the retreat, and I think it's just perfect.

I ended up making a couple of fabric substitutions when I was at retreat. I didn't have enough of the grey fabric it called for (no idea what I was thinking when I pulled a fat eighth for that). And I ran out of my light brown (sand) colour - I knew it was tight when I pulled it, but I thought there would be enough.  Fortunately, where I had to substitute was in the 4 corners so the fact that the fabric doesn't match is ok.  I simply scavenged a light-ish brown from another project in my bag and made it work.


  1. Leave it!!!! Leave it!! And leave it!!! lol! Took me a second to even see it, so if you had not said anything, I would not have noticed - or searched for that matter!!!
    So I vote for just letting it be and quilt it and be done!

    Like the triangles - it will be nice when done and I love a flannel backing!

    Your mystery looks great and the fact that you improvised makes it even better! I like the border choices but is it big enough to go borderless??
    Just thinking of ways to get you off the hook for those new projects that are calling your name!

    Good report!! Great projects!! And wonderful results!!

  2. I think the pink block adds a modern asymetrical feel to the quilt. I would leave it too.

    every time I see this quilt I think I should go right now and make one.