Friday, 3 April 2015


Vicki is hosting a UFO busting party for 2015, and I'm starting to think I need to join up. I hope it's not too late. I started the year with about 20 tops that needed to be quilted. Since then, I seem to be adding more projects than I am finishing. At least they are all (mostly) coming from stash, but I really need to get a handle on this soon.   So, in the spirit of busting UFOs and being completely honest about my status, here goes.

As of January, 22 tops ready to be quilted.That includes 3 New Year's Mystery tops created this year, plus Bonnie Hunter's Grand Illusion. And I had 5 ongoing projects - guild mystery, Border Creek Station mystery, Northern Relections BOM. patchwork year, Block of the week

Since then, I've finished several new tops: block of the week, 2 neutral quilts, baby 1000 pyramids, 2 turquoise/brown quilt tops, modern quilt challenge,
And I've started more projects: Chain Reaction, one block wonder, and 2 60 degree triangle projects

I did finish 3 tops since the start of the year - Spectrum, Metro Lattice, and Grand Illusion are all quilted & bound.

# Projects In Progress Jan 31 - let's call this 22, for the tops I had on Jan 31
# Projects Completed - 3
# new project started - 4
# UFOs trashed - 0
# projects in progress March 31 - 26 tops, plus 8 being pieced


  1. You can do it! I have 10 active projects and 24 more I'd like to do/pulled fabric for/started.

  2. Never too late! Welcome! gee, I wish I had a big cloet to spread out my hangers. ;^)