Thursday, 2 April 2015

Assembly Time!

I have all my blocks made, and pieces cut for Chain Reaction. Now to figure out how to sew all those hexagons, triangles, and 9-patches together, without completely losing my mind. Some might argue that already happened when I decided to tackle this quilt in the first place :)

You may notice that the darker, busy hexagons made it back onto the wall. I decided the quilt was a completely unusable size with just the 8 hexagons, so I tossed the originals back into the mix.

In the meantime, I seem to have gotten distracted by this project. Another tiny quilt - the leftover fabric from my Grand Illusion backing had 6 repeats in it.  Not width of fabric, but usable. So, I cut a bunch of triangles last night, and now I get to sew all those into half-hexagons.  EQ tells me this will finish at around 35x45".  Add some borders with the remaining fabric, and maybe a few extra squares thrown in for fun, and I should have a donate-able quilt in the end.

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