Friday, 10 April 2015

That's what it was

My cut-a-round ruler. THAT's what I forgot to bring. I packed 4 projects, one of which is a modified dresden plate quilt (not yet started, so that was the plan this weekend).  But I need that ruler, and I can see exactly where it is hanging, on the wall in my sewing room :(  I guess I won't be working on that quilt after all.

But that's OK.  3 other projects, should be lots to keep me busy. First, I'm going to catch up on my guild mystery.  3 final blocks to make, and then assembly, so I should get that finished this weekend.  If I can find all the right cables for my camera, I'll take a photo of that one.

However, I was merrily working away at it, and disovered that I brought 1/2 a fat quarter, from which I was supposed to cut 9 5" squares.  THAT's not going to happen.  So I swapped out that fabric for one of the fabrics from the quilt I can't start.  There's always an option :)

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