Monday, 13 July 2015

Design Wall Monday

This would be why I don't make scrappy quilts very often. I decided to make this one - a scrappy pineapple, completely from scraps. That is, all the little leftover bits that I have stuffed into bins and drawers, not all those nice folded fat quarters and yardage sitting on my shelf, although there is enough variety there to make a nice scrappy quilt. This scrap quilt is taking over my sewing room. I have a pile of scraps on my ironing board - to be ironed so that I can use them. A pile of scraps on my cutting table - to be cut into 1 3/4" strips (or thereabouts) for this project. And this pile of scraps beside my sewing machine, from which I pull strips as I go.

I like the result - and I'm really amazed how much I'm liking my scrappy background. There's a mixture of grey, cream, white, beige and maybe even a couple of yellows tossed in there.  Normally even for a scrappy quilt I'd be trying to stick to one colourway, but this time I decided to go all out, and just pulled every light scrap of fabric I could find.

Four blocks done, lots more to go. The blocks finish at 10", so I probably need at least 35 to make a decent sized quilt. I'll just keep sewing along until I run out of my bright scraps.  Then I may have to turn around and make a dark version, just to use up more.  As I'm sure most of you suspect, even with all these piles of scraps scattered around my sewing room, my scrap bins are still overflowing.

Drop by Patchwork Times for more design wall fun today. I missed WIPs be Gone, although maybe that's for the best since once again I'm creating a WIP rather than finishing one.  The finishes are here and here :)


  1. my sewing room is always in piles everywhere so I know how you feel but I really love the outcome it is beautiful

  2. I seem to make piles everywhere whether I work with scraps or not! Your blocks are very successful; I like the mixed shades in the background.

  3. Love those bright blocks. Hopefully the will eat up a lot of your scraps.

  4. I love that quilt. It is like one of those optical illusion pinwheels that spin. The color are really neat how they are very unified.