Sunday, 22 November 2009

Stash Report - Nov 22

It's been a busy week in the sewing room, but not much stash busting to show for it.  I put together (except the borders) a new quilt - that fabric was counted last week.  And I stayed caught up on the quilt for an hour.  OK, in reality I sewed all day Saturday catching up on the quilt for an hour.  But, it used another yard of fabric.  That's it for fabric busted this week.

In: none
Out: 1yard

Totals for this year:
Used YTD: 54.0 yards
Added YTD: 41.75 yards
Net: 12.25 yards out this year


  1. That's a pretty good stash report. And your Morning Splash is stunning! The colours are so vibrant and look so pretty together. :)

  2. in - none
    out 2 yards - my quilt as you go used up one and the other was used to wrap up table runners for guild meeting.
    Love your quilts,