Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Retreat Time!

Everything really is bigger in Texas!!  My 'compact' rental car turned out to be a Crown Victoria.  Not exactly a small car.  But at least this one has a working 12V port for my GPS.  How did we ever survive without those? I never would have found this place without it.

Left home at 4am this morning, and just arrived, at 8:30pm.  I am TIRED!   But thrilled to be here.  And the advantage of being exhausted is that I will certainly sleep tonight, and not spend the night awake waiting for the official start of retreat day.

No pictures today, because I am too tired to hook up the camera.  I'm off for a quick tour of the hotel, and then off to bed for me.

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  1. Sweet dreams, Krista. I look forward to reading your reports.