Saturday, 13 April 2013

Looking for my motivation

I've been slacking on my blogging this week.  I think probably because I'm not inspired right now.  But someone pointed out that blogging creates inspiration/motivation, as much as quilting inspires blogging.  So, let's see if this works :)

I have actually been working the past couple of weeks, just not posting.  I finished the flying geese quilt, and even completed the binding on it.  The quilt is backed with a flannel batik - a lovely discovery I made just a couple of weeks ago when a local shop put some on sale.  I love it!

This quilt was inspired by a photo I saw online, which I have unfortunately lost the link to.  The assembly was really easy, and it went together quickly once I pulled it off the shelf.  For some reason, blogger has decided not to roate this picutre the right way up.  The geese are fact flying upwards, not sideways :)

If you look closely at this picture, you can see a couple of geese that I quilted into the background.  I put these in about 4 places throughout the quilt.

This was my first finish for April.  Although most of the work was done in March, I put the last stitches into the binding in April.

I have been working on my "quilt-as-you-go" redesign of my jelly roll race.  5 quilts came out of the endeavour, and now I just have to sit down with a needle & thread, and do all the hand-stitching on the sashing. Then I can bind them.  There are 2 shown here.  3 others are ready to go.

April Finishes


  1. Beautiful quilt. I've not seen flannel batik. I'll definitely keep my eye out for it. Looks beautiful.

    Sometimes a break is needed, or attending a fun quilt show to find my mojo/motivation. Or try a new technique to challenge yourself.


  2. love the quilt. Visiting from such a sew and sew link finishes

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  4. Sorry, couldn't spell! The flying geese and strips are a great combination! I might have to make one, too!

  5. Oh, Batik flannel? That sounds marvelous! I love your flying geese! They are a favorite of mine. This is such a pretty runner. Congrats on a great finish and thank you for linking up!

    xo -E