Monday, 24 June 2013

Design Wall Monday - June 24

Finally, my design wall has something on it. It's been a busy sewing weekend here - rainy days mean sewing without guilt :)

First, I've been playing with a few layouts for this month's Block Party block - it has a deadline, so I thought it best to get that finished before starting something new.  The instructions were to use between 3-7 circles of various sizes appliqued on the background.  The last one is probably going to be the end result.  This block party has been a lot of fun - we've done a great variety of different blocks, most ones that I would never have done for myself.

Then I started on my next project.  Lots of strip sets stacked beside my sewing machine, and a ton more to come.  This is the shop sample for a class I'm going to teach this fall.  I'm trying to follow the directions to the letter, to make sure I know what questions or issues students might have.

This is one of the quilts I finished this weekend.  It was originally not going to have a border, but the quilt top was about 10" too small for the bed.  So I sat down last week and figured out what I could do with the little bit of fabric I had left, and came up with this border for it.

Next challenge will be binding, because now I really am out of all the fabric.

And I finally loaded up one of my quilts on the long arm.  With 2 new finishes this weekend, it's time to get a few quilts through the long arm process.  I'm running out of places to put the tops.

Drop by Judy's blog for more design walls today.


  1. Love the quilt on the long arm!
    Your border idea for the teal and white quilt was perfect!

  2. Oooh, I love every single one. I think your circle are just fantastic! I love it when I finally get everything set to put one of my tops on the long arm....and then it is most satisfying when it is off and ready to bind. Wonderful quilts. every. one.

  3. My favorite is the aqua quilt! It is really beautiful and very interesting to look at!

    :) Kelly @ My Quilt Infatuation

  4. I love your Carpenter Square. The Aqua is such an unusual color, very pretty.

  5. All of your quilts are definitely keepers. Especially like the Carpenter Square aqua one and the one on the long arm. Nice work.

  6. I have been wanting to do a circle quilt for a long time so I loved seeing what you were thinking. Usually I would suggest a white binding on the aqua quilt but since it is going on the bed that might be a dirt problem. Maybe a aqua/white print? And, of course, the top on your Avante is drop dead gorgeous.