Saturday, 15 June 2013

Once again I've been AWOL from blogging - and quilting - for a few weeks.  And what do I do when my company leaves?  Do I immediately start sewing again, because I'm going into withdrawl?  No (well yes, I am in withdrawl. But no, I'm not quilting yet).  Instead, I decide it's time to paint the sewing room.

Since I had to clean it up for company, and now have to reassemble it into a sewing space, it seemed the right time to take the plunge and (after 7 years) paint the room something better than the beige paint the builders slapped up.  Unfortunately, that probably means not much sewing for another week or two.

I did manage one hour of sewing this week.  Block party was today, and I had to have the block finished.  So I brought the machine back and sat down to do it Thursday morning at 6am.  What else does one do after a 5am airport drop-off, and before the regular 7am walk?  The wonky star was really fun and quick to do - the perfect project for a short morning break.

And now on to painting. Here's my poor room, with 2 walls exposed and ready for paint.  I think this is going to be a staged process, because there's still a lot of clutter on the sewing table that I'll have to move in order to paint that wall.  So, these 2 first, then I'll tackle the rest.


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    1. My kids and I have agreed it's "aqua-marine". I say green with a tint of blue, they say blue with a bit of green :)