Monday, 8 September 2014

Design Wall Monday - Sept 8

My design wall still has my Toes in the Sand quilt on it. A couple of rows are now put together, so it should be finish before long.  The side triangles were originally supposed to be a different fabric from the rest of the background, but when I put up the fabrics I had chosen, it was awful.  The edges were white, while the main background is cream. So I took those down and am going with a single background colour over the whole quilt.

Not much else going on in my sewing room these days, other than binding some of the UFOs I have hiding in there.  I keep trying to plan a new quilt, but guilt over all my unfinished block of the month projects keeps me from it.  2 more to finish from this year - and I foolishly signed up for one more last week.  I think that will be it for new BOMs this year, however.  My block of the week, and this new block of the month. Then maybe I can do something of my own once I catch up on the older ones.

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  1. I love your toes in the sand blocks because I love 60 degree blocks. I like the clever name too.

  2. I'm working on Toes in the Sand also. I love how yours is coming together.